2021 Annual Report on Implementation

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2021 Annual Report on Implementation

2021 Annual Report on Implementation.pdf

In March 2020, the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission made 82 recommendations to help the United States secure its interests in cyberspace. Since then, the Commission has produced five white papers, adding to this set of recommendations.

The 2021 Annual Report on Implementation tracks the Commission's recommendations in authorizing legislation, appropriations, executive orders, and other policy actions. Walking through each of the recommendations contained in the March 2020 report and subsequent white papers, this implementation report outlines relevant developments to date. The report notes that, while much work remains, the diligent efforts of cybersecurity and policy professionals in Congress, the executive branch, and beyond have led to significant progress. Of the Commission's 82 original recommendations, approximately 35 percent have been implemented or are nearing implementation, and an additional approximately 44 percent are on track to implementation.

The report emphasizes the distinction between success and implementation, noting that lasting progress is an ongoing, iterative process, and outlines steps for future action to ensure the lasting momentum of changes made today. Further authorizing legislation or executive action is needed to implement some Commission recommendations, and appropriations are needed to support authorized policies, plans, and procedures.