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Digital Event #11: Securing the U.S. High-Tech Supply Chain

October 21, 2020

CSC Digital Event #11 - Securing the U.S. High-Tech Supply Chain

Our March 2020 final report recommended the creation of an information and communications technology (ICT) industrial base strategy as part of a broader effort to protect America's high-tech supply chains from compromise, ensure the continual availability of important goods and components, and promote the economic competitiveness of American and partner firms in the face of Chinese economic aggression.

Two of our senior staff discussed the Commission's fourth white paper, "Building a Trusted ICT Supply Chain," which proposes a five-pillar strategy to work with critical partners in the private sector and around the world to reinvigorate American high-tech manufacturing and secure the United States' ICT supply chains.


  • Mark Montgomery: Executive Director

  • Robert Morgus: Senior Director, Task Force Two Lead