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Digital Event #2: Promoting National Resilience

April 22, 2020

CSC Digital Event #2 - Promoting National Resilience.mp4

On Wednesday April 22 at 11 AM EST the Cyberspace Solarium Commission hosted a virtual event on Pillar #2 in our final report: “Promote National Resilience.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of national resilience to potential shocks. In the context of cybersecurity, resilience—the capacity to withstand and quickly recover from attacks—is key to denying adversaries the benefits of their operations and reducing their own confidence in their ability to achieve strategic ends. National resilience efforts rely on the ability of the United States, in both the public and private sectors, to accurately identify, assess, and mitigate risk across all elements of critical infrastructure. The nation must be sufficiently prepared to respond to and recover from an attack, sustain critical functions even under degraded conditions, and, in some cases, restart critical functionality after disruption.

This event featured three senior CSC staff members who detailed the reasoning behind several recommendations made in this Pillar of the report and how those recommendations support the strategy of layered cyber deterrence.


  • Mark Montgomery: Executive Director (Moderator)

  • John Costello: Senior Director and Team Lead, Task Force Two

  • Robert Morgus: Director of Research and Analysis, Task Force Two