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Digital Event #7: Preserve and Employ the Military Instrument of Power in Cyberspace

May 27, 2020

CSC Dig Event #7: Military Pillar.mp4

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s final report made clear that while the United States has successfully deterred strategic cyberattacks that would rise to the level of an armed attack, below that threshold, there is a significant set of adversary behavior that the United States has not deterred. Furthermore, the same technologically advanced military capabilities that form the bedrock of America’s military advantage also create cyber vulnerabilities that our adversaries are using to their own benefit. Adversary cyber threats to the U.S. military and the defense industrial base continue to cause the loss of national security information and intellectual property.

To right this wrong, the United States must be prepared to impose costs on its adversaries to deter, and if necessary, fight and win in conflict. Importantly, the CSC envisions the military instrument of cyber power as intended to complement, rather than supplant, other instruments of national power. We focused on two key elements: implementing the military component of the DoD concept, “defend forward,” and securing the resilience of key weapons systems and functions.


  • Mark Montgomery: Executive Director (Moderator)

  • Dr. Erica Borghard: Senior Director and Team Lead, Task Force One

  • Dr. Brandon Valeriano: Senior Advisor, Task Force One