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Digital Event #1: Layered Cyber Deterrence Strategy

April 15, 2020

CSC Virtual Event #1 - Layered Cyber Deterrence.mp4

Our March 2020 final report detailed a strategy of "layered cyber deterrence." Layered cyber deterrence is a whole-of-nation strategy that involves three main lines of effort: shaping behavior, denying benefits, and imposing costs. These lines of effort are ways of adding a deterrent layer that increases American public- and private-sector security by altering how adversaries perceive the costs and benefits of using cyberspace to attack American interests. The three deterrent layers are supported by six policy pillars that organize more than 80 recommendations. These pillars represent the means to implement layered cyber deterrence.

Three of our senior staff discussed the reasoning behind "layered cyber deterrence" and how this strategic approach can help to restore deterrence in cyberspace.


  • Mark Montgomery: Executive Director

  • Dr. Erica Borghard: Senior Director, Task Force One Lead

  • Dr. Brandon Valeriano: Senior Advisor, Task Force One